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Inkblots Spot Mental Illness?

In Mental Health through Will-Training Dr. Abraham Low has several very critical things to say about classical psychoanalysis, specifically that it is a very long and expensive process. Psychiatry, insanity, mental institutions, and treatments for the depressed or suicidal are a common trope of films and literature, and there was a time when this was […]

Card Game 31

So the two founders began contemplating what a new, low-cost, high-touch media network might look like. Betaworks is betting on the content studio aspect through companies like SuperPlastic, a new startup launched by Paul Budnitz, the founder of the alternative social network ello and Budnitz Bicycles. Budnitz is perhaps best known for Kidrobot, a manufacturer […]

Speedy Ways To Catch Up On The News, Because Your Time Is Precious

When consumed in moderation, these fats have been found to lower cholesterol overall, decrease LDL cholesterol, otherwise known as the “bad” cholesterol and the nasty culprit of stroke and heart disease, and increase HDL, or “good” cholesterol. Finally, rattan harvesting and sourcing helps provide jobs for inhabitants of the areas of the world the material […]